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The Barnes Green Centre

A great venue for hire in the heart of Barnes


Full and final payment for lettings must be made no later than 30 days before the event. Keys will be handed over on receipt of a deposit cheque for £100. The deposit will be destroyed after the event providing the Centre has been left in proper order. The deposit will be forfeited in whole or in part in the event of a disturbance or if any damage has been caused or the Centre has not been left in the state in which it was found or if the keys have been lost.


Timings: The hirer is asked to stick to the times agreed for their letting.

Noise: Please note that the Centre is in a residential area and be considerate to our neighbours – especially when leaving the Centre after an evening event. Unreasonable noise or disturbance will result in a no repeat hire, loss of deposit and possible premature termination of the hire.

Smoking: This is strictly prohibited inside the Centre and only allowed in the garden. Please use the buckets of sand provided and don’t leave any litter. Smoke machines may not be operated in the Centre.

First Aid: There is a First Aid kit available on the table outside the kitchen. The Centre will not accept responsibility for accidents on the premises during hire, howsoever caused.

Fire Precautions: The hirer is responsible for ensuring the escape routes are kept clear. Doors must be kept shut. Please familiarise yourselves with the location of the fire extinguishers. Please open the Fire Exit door with the key and keep it bolted – remember to lock it up again before you leave.

Damage: The hirer is responsible for any damage to the premises during the hire period and should immediately report any incident. The kitchen appliances, piano and music system are used at your own risk. Furniture and equipment may not be removed from the premises.

Loading and Unloading: Music at private events must be closed down at 9pm so that guests can begin to vacate the Centre at 9.30pm. The Centre should be vacated by 10pm.. No unloading is allowed before 8am.

Capacity: The hirer should not exceed the seating capacity of the halls -85 seated and 100 standing- for the Large Hall.

Alcohol: Alcohol may be brought onto the premises but must not be sold. If the hirer wishes to sell alcohol, then they must obtain the necessary licence from the Council.

Gambling/gaming: There shall be no gambling/gaming except for lawfully run raffles.


Cleaning: All areas – in particular the Kitchen and Toilets – must be left clean and tidy.The floor should be swept and tables and chairs put back as you found them. (There is a floor plan in the purple lettings Folder on the table outside the kitchen, or take a photo on your phone at the start.)

Rubbish: The hirer must take their own black rubbish bags to the event. Up to three bags (securely tied} can be left in the dustbins in the garden.All other rubbish – and any large items
– must be taken away with you.Failure to comply may result in loss of deposit.

Security: Please ensure all lights are switched off, all taps and water is turned off and electrical appliances that have been used are turned off and unplugged as necessary.

These conditions are binding on all users and may not be varied other than in writing by the Centre Management Committee.

Assignment: Any hiring is personal to the hirer named on the booking form and is not transferable. The Centre may not be used for any purpose other than that declared on the form.

Indemnity: The hirer shall keep the Centre, the Centre Management Committee and the Lettings Coordinator indemnified against all proceedings,costs, claims and expenses arising by reason of any injury, loss or damage to the hirer or any persons authorised by the hirer to enter the premises.

Permissions: The hirer shall obtain all statutory and local authority permissions required to carry on the activities of the hirer at the premises and shall take out all necessary insurances in relation to any equipment and other items used by the hirer and any injury or loss to the hirer or to any persons allowed by the hirer to use the premises.

TENS Licence: The hirer may be required by law to obtain a Temporary Event Notice. The hirer can liaise with the Centre Lettings Coordinator but the responsibility for licensing lies with the hirer.

Cancellation and non-availability: Should the hirer cancel a booking within 6 weeks of its date, the Centre may retain the deposit or any hire charge paid at its sole discretion. In the event that the Centre Management Committee needs to cancel a booking on safety or other grounds,they will endeavour to give maximum notice of such cancellation.The Centre or the Centre Management Committee shall have no liability to the hirer for any expense incurred in the event of cancellation, or if the Centre should for any other reason be unavailable or unusable except to refund the hire charge and any specific deposit paid